When the crowds go home

I've noticed quite a few of my reenactor and living history friends posting up photo challenges to show a picture of themselves in kit for a week or ten days, quite a few have been sharing my photos of them to do this (thank you all for this).

I just wanted to show the other side of reenactment, and for me one of the main reasons I do this hobby. 

Of course I love the swords, armour and other weapons - who doesn't ?, and dressing up in medieval clothes (even in stupidly high temperatures that we sometimes get in a British summer), but the friendships that you build up, not just in your own group, but in the wider hobby, are amazing.

A quick shameless plug for the The Harrington Companye, but now for the main event. 

So here we go, this is for all of you, from me

This is why I love this hobby

  • Kenilworth Dancing

    The Harrington Companye, entertain Myal Pyper, showing medieval musicians some "real" dancing.... ISH

  • Ashby Castle

    There was a fireplace, it seemed rude not to gather round it

  • Ashby Castle

    putting the old fireplace to use once more

  • Ashby Castle

    the warm glow of fire, candlelight and ...alcohol

  • Ashby Castle

    one of our superheros exploring the castle before the public arrive

  • Ashby Castle

    four hundred and seventy two, four hundred and seventy three, four hundred and seventy four...

  • Ashby Castle

    Daddy, what begins with come here and ends with OW ?

  • Ashby Castle

    The public have all gone home, the absolute bliss of the ice cream van staying open for 15 minutes after the public leave is shown here on these faces

  • Ashby Castle

    Mike, out of medieval wool in seconds and into a black t-shirt in the sun, at least he has an ice cream

  • Kenilworth Castle

    there's probably at least two bottles being passed round the camp fire at this point

  • Kenilworth Castle Ramparts

    Sunset on the ramparts, public gone, time to watch the sun go down and raise a drink to those no longer with us

  • Kenilworth Castle Ramparts

    Lee here (looking wistfully out at something) was not responsible for the graffiti etched in these walls

  • Kenilworth Castle Ramparts

    An amazing sunset from the ramparts of Kenilworth castle, the horses from the Medieval Joust on the hill opposite

  • Beeston Castle sunset

    Sam is not doing what you think he's doing, he's just taking in the absolutely stunning view.

  • Ashby Castle

    James has noticed me, I must learn to set up camera quieter.

  • Ashby Castle

    The Harrington Companye are now more used to me wandering around with a light doing random things

  • Hedingham Castle

    Billy Smart's Circus Tent takes pride of place against the wonderful backdrop afforded by the clear night sky

  • Hedingahm Castle

    Most of the Harrington Companye were in the party tent, I took the opportunity to capture this, obviously I rejoined the drinking after.

  • Hedingham Castle

    The Harrington Companye "party tent" with assorted pavaises underneath a clear night sky

  • Framlingham Castle Ramparts

    you can see why Ed Sheeran wrote a song about this place, it's amazing here, even the torrential rain didn't dampen our view of the place

  • Framlingham Castle

    Milky Way and some satellites visible over Framlingham Castle

  • Sunset

    having my family around me doing a hobby we love, entertain and educate the public, getting to stay in amazing places that the public don't get to, see wonderful sights, sit round camp fires, drink and sing Then do it again the next day.

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